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project anonymous
time of the hour
Saturday, October 15, 2005
somthing i posted today on oots
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: wesnoth
Topic: general

I got terribly upset today, when I suddenly "woke up" and noticed the payment requiring fan sites (e.g. the Sims resource) and pompous superficial pc games. Although there are some righteous, whom will put more of themselves into their product than what they get paid for. The community is getting darker, and I'm getting restless. Will the future hold only FPS and so called MMORPG's? Will all the thinking come out of the games one day? Will the dice stop rolling and all there be left is the computers hum?
So I [s]ask[/s] beg you do not fall to their side, will you keep the comic always freely open?
Thank you for reading it all

Posted by whmice at 02:34
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Thursday, October 6, 2005

(aint there a tired mood?)
any way im starting this although its probably too late to start anything (or you might want to say too early)
any way im working on a new rpg world, kinda like d&d but im revamping the whole... essence of the game.
first of all im trying to make everything more real, try to explain magic in real physical terms. also my magic caster classes will be more specific. perhaps add a personality feature,no not personality but... well in short i dont want some one to take the barbarian class and suddenly become stupid or something. im currenly missing something here, i have to bogle my brain a bit more. and im currenly adding a new race, built for the wizard class (or what is the wiz class in d&d, thats about to change). ceatures who have devoted themselves to magic, and magic has become them in a way, kind of like demiliches, but not evil and well... different: they are semi corporeal... when thier mana is full, and in a "coma" when thier mana reaches zero. and they dont have constitution and strength, meaning they cant attack physically.
thats it for now good night

Posted by whmice at 00:21
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things to do
Topic: reviews
mass effect
majesty2 RIP
dragon age?
ym new rpg world

Posted by whmice at 23:19
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old post
ok this is my first actual update, if your intrested in homm, you probably know the chaos there was yesterday.
untill i find a webmaster that will help me or untill ill get to know html my site will look quite... lame.
im currently working on a new fantasy background world, im going to make the "magic users" a bit more different from one another than is d&d, and ill try took keep every thing as close to thier mythical origins, or invent some new myths.
if your intrested in helping me buff the site, please contact me by mail
otherwise you (and im reffering to the empty chairs infron of me) can look around and go do something better.

Posted by whmice at 23:07
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